Thursday, April 17, 2014

A little about me 🌸

I'm 48, a wife, a mom of 2 daughters and a Grammie to 2 beautiful granddaughters and 1 handsome grandson

I love to cook because I love to eat 😁 
My fitness journey has been up and down, as well as my weight. I've done WW many years ago ( it helped ) although it was a phase that quickly passed.
My lowest weight was 109 a few years ago ( stress related ) not healthy. 
As my weight slowly crept back up to the 130's 😳 I felt it was time to start concentrating on doing something about it, as I cooked up healthier meals, my muffin just wouldn't go away (age).

So here's the BEST part! My daughter asked if I would start something called the Whole30, which meant All clean eating, No sugar, No bread, No grains, No dairy etc... No alcohol ( I don't drink anyway ). Wow that meant really just about everthing I love. I agreed to do it.
So my Whole30 was about to begin March 24th, I told myself, I could stop at anytime right ? what did I have to lose by trying it.
Wow Big results HUGE ! 
Today is Day 25 and I don't know how I've ever survived without clean eating! Don't get me wrong, I will have something sweet or that piece of bread occasionally, but I will never be the same as I now look at food in a different way. 
So far this is my fitness journey and I'm Loving it. Be Blessed and Whole30 on!

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